Clay Medium Soft

Clear car decontaminating paste
  • Specific for clear cars
  • Ideal for polishing the bodywork
  • Eliminates all stains

Bodywork surface preparation is an important step before polishing.
Clay Bar Medium Soft is a decontaminating clay paste for a smooth, shiny finish on your car body, suitable for heavily contaminated light-colored cars.
Regular use of Mafra Clay Bar Medium Soft before polishing greatly increases the durability of the polish effect and the brightness of the bodywork.
Mafra Clay Bar Medium Soft has a decontaminating action on the bodywork and is ideal for light-colored painted or chrome surfaces. Mafra Clay Bar Medium Soft removes from any painted surface, dirt particles such as industrial pollution, traffic film, guano residue, insects, resin, ferrous residue, ferode traces on alloy wheels, cement residue, stain caused by acid rain.

If one side of Mafra Clay Bar Medium Soft becomes excessively dirty, turn it over to the other side. If both sides become dirty, mix Clay Bar Medium Soft thoroughly and start using it again in the normal way. When this operation is done several times, use a new Mafra Clay Bar Medium Soft.

  • Divide the Clay Bar Medium Soft into two parts for better handling, working it by hand until it becomes a spherical shape. To allow for optimum smoothness of the Clay Bar Medium Soft, lubricate the surface of the body using Mafra's Fast Cleaner product and working by small areas
  • Always work on a cool surface and out of the sun. Glide the Mafra Clay Bar Medium Soft over the bodywork with light pressure, using first horizontal and then vertical movements, treating the surface evenly and for small parts. Do not make circular movements.
  • Once the impurities have been removed from the surface, perform a sealing wash with Mafra's Polish Express nanotechnology shampoo. For drying, use Mafra's ultra sorbent cloth Super Dryer .

The product is not classified as hazardous according to the CLP regulation



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