Condom Wash

Microfiber glove car wash brush
  • Solution for washing the car safely;
  • Composed of ultra-fine microfiber that is extremely soft;
  • Equipped with a convenient and unique self-closing lanyard;

Condom Wash by Mafra is a cover, a microfiber glove for the car wash brush.

How many times have you found the brush of the self-service box not in perfect condition?

Condom Wash is the solution for washing the car safely under any conditions.

Composed of extremely soft ultra-fine microfiber for deep and perfect cleaning, without having to apply pressure to the bodywork avoids scratching the car in self-service box car washes, during brush washing.

Condom wash Provides two levels of security:

the white inner sock retains and prevents dirt between the brush bristles from contacting the bodywork, so micro-scratches are prevented.

The blue-colored outer sock of chenille microfiber with a wide weave specifically designed to facilitate a quick release of the water-shampoo solution, creating a lubricating layer between the glove Condom Wash and the car body, thus preventing dirt on the car from sticking to the sock, keeping the brush clean during the washing operation.

Condom Wash features a convenient and unique self-closing lanyard for perfect adhesion of the glove to the car wash brush.

Condom Wash offers great advantages due to its easy use by being washable, removable, compact, and resistant to several washing cycles.

An innovative product to keep with you in the trunk at all times for those who have little time to devote to car care but always want to get great results.

Warnings: after use, machine wash at a temperature of 30 degrees. Do not use bleach or fabric softener to avoid damage to the thin microfiber filaments. Do not use the dryer. For proper maintenance of Condom Wash performance, washing with "Microfiber Wash" is recommended.

  • Do a thorough prewash with the lance to remove as much dirt as possible and prepare the surface for the next wash. Once the sock has been fitted to the brush, wait for the water/shampoo solution to come out before running it over the car: Condom Wash must be well soaked in the solution for best results;
  • Before placing the brush on the surface, evenly drop some water-shampoo solution on the area to be treated: this will facilitate the smoothness of the brush and increase its cleaning and safety performance;
  • Now pass the brush with slow and regular movements without applying pressure, always starting from the top of the car and then going down on the lower parts. It is a good idea to hold the water hose with one hand so that it does not contact the bodywork. If possible, use a bucket of water to rinse the brush. Do not use on rims and tires;



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