Foaming pre-wash based on Iron Stop technology

  • IRON STOP technology: improves water quality by facilitating the precipitation of iron particles
  • N.A.R.T. technology: dense, adherent foam without the need for compressed air
  • ENERGY SAFE technology: effective without the use of hot water, saving energy
  • Pleasant and intense fragrance perceptible at a great distance
  • Excellent detergency with high dilutions
  • Eliminates all kinds of road dirt
  • Renews shine and color of bodywork and plastics
  • Safe even in high temperatures
  • Ideal for self-service boxes equipped with a foaming gun
  • Can be used as an additive in self-service car washes with powder-liquid system
  • Compatible with enzymatic purification systems
  • Without NTA and EDTA

replacement is a foaming prewash with high cleaning and penetrating power against all kinds of road dirt.

It renews the shine and color of bodywork and plastic parts. Because it dries slowly even at high temperatures, the product can be used as a low-pressure prewash in manual car washes.replacement is safe to use at the recommended dilutions on delicate car parts and will not damage aluminum and plastic parts of BMW, Mercedes and Audi cars.

It is based on surfactants with N.A.R.T. (No Air Required Technology), which allows it to be used in foaming systems without compressed air, such as in self-service carwash programs with foam lance, always obtaining a compact and adherent foam, which is difficult to achieve with normal foaming detergents. It can also be used as an additive in self-service car washes using the combined powder-liquid system.

IRON STOP technology is designed to improve the quality of water in recycling tanks by facilitating the separation of ferrous particles in it. In this way, the ferrous particles, separated from the water, precipitate along with the sediment and are then disposed of along with the sludge. IRON STOP effectively decreases the presence of iron in wastewater, providing an advantage over the use of similar products in the industry and promoting compliance with current regulations.

replacement is compatible with enzyme purification systems, does not contain NTA and EDTA, and leaves a pleasant fragrance.

Thanks to its Energy Safe technology, it allows you to work without the need for hot water, thus saving on electricity or gas consumption for this reason it is also suitable for self-service cubicles.


  • Prewash with atomizer: dilute 1:40 to 1:50.
  • Use with foam gun: 1:4.
  • Self-service car washes: 20-40 ml/car.
  • Rims with atomizer: 1:5 (15%).
  • Flies with atomizer: 1:20 (5%).

WARNINGS: Not suitable for very hard water.



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