Kit Regénera Bodywork

Decontaminating treatment for body shop
  • Removes impurities such as smog, brake dust, ferrous agents, rust, insects, resin
  • Renew the car surface
  • The bodywork will be smooth and ready for finishing with protective waxes

Even an apparently clean car can hide deep dirt that is almost invisible to see with the naked eye; other times the surface of the car appears dull and rough to the touch.

This is caused by all those impurities such as smog, brake dust, ferrous agents, rust, insects, resin and others accumulated during the normal life of the car and which a traditional wash would fail to remove.

How can we tell if invisible dirt is present on our car and therefore a decontamination treatment needs to be performed? With an empirical but very effective test. After washing the car well, take a fine plastic bag, stick your fingers inside, and very carefully pass it over the bodywork, you will immediately feel by touch and even hearing the roughness? of the paint.

For this Mafra has created the Regénera Carrozzeria Kit, ideal for renewing the surface by eliminating and removing smog, guano and insect residues, ferrous residues from car bodywork and more. After mechanical decontamination with the Kit Regénera Carrozzeria the plastic bag will slide? perfectly almost without making a sound.

Mafra's Regénera Car Body Kit consists of the following products:

  • Fast Cleaner 500ml: is a quick detailer, quick cleaner for dry cleaning. Fast Cleaner, thanks to its silicone-free formula is an excellent lubricant, acts by bringing dirt into suspension, facilitating its removal with the use of the Clay Bar.
  • Clay Bar Soft: decontaminating paste for auto body shop, clay bar weighing 100gr. easily removes industrial pollution, traffic film, guano, insect and resin residues, ferrous residues such as ferode traces of alloy wheels from auto body shop. Also suitable for dark paints, it purifies the bodywork by removing all kinds of impurities.

After mechanical decontamination, your bodywork will be smooth again and ready for refinishing with protective waxes. The plastic bag will slide? perfectly with almost no noise.

  • Remember to work indoors or otherwise in the shade, with the machine cold, and to plan to wash it thoroughly before and after using the Clay Bar Soft. Step 1: The first thing to do is? divide the Clay Bar into two or more pieces according to size, so that it can be used more conveniently, and to avoid having to throw it all away in case it is accidentally dropped. In fact, the Clay Bar Soft catches any kind of residue that could go to ruin the bodywork during use. We then make a ball by working it with our hands. Step 2: Lubricate the surface. The ball should be crushed to form a kind of disc. It? very important to work in the shade and when the bodywork is cold, but above all you must constantly lubricate the Clay Bar Soft with Fast Cleaner, applying it to the bodywork and the Clay Bar itself. We will then go over it gently with vertical and horizontal movements.
  • Mechanical decontamination: you work on small parts until the bodywork is no longer? rough and the Clay Bar Soft flows evenly. You will be impressed by the amount? of dirt collected! Finally, you spray Fast Cleaner on the treated part and go over it with The Heavy Word microfiber cloth included in the Kit to remove any decontamination residue and dry the bodywork. Clay Bar Soft can be used on any type of surface, as long as? not porous. Green light, then, to windows, bumpers, plastic parts and even alloy wheels, where it? perfect for removing even traces of tar and ferode.
  • Maintaining the Clay Bar: The Clay Bar Soft is not disposable, after it has been used and "soiled," simply reshuffle it with your hands to create a new, clean, uncontaminated face to use again. It should be replaced only when a clean face can no longer be found. To keep it in perfect working order, simply place it in its original container, lubricating it properly before storing it. We recommend that you use different Clay Bars for the body and "harder" parts so that you do not risk scratching the body with harder residue.



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