Odorbact Out New Car Interior Purifier

Purifies Cockpit and Air Conditioner
  • Eliminates bad odors;
  • It ensures long-lasting cleaning;
  • Quick and easy to use;

Odorbact Out New Car Fragrance from Mafra is the product made to clean and purify the car's air conditioning system.

Odorbact Out New Car Fragrance eliminates The bad odors inside the passenger compartment, such as stench of cigarette smoke, food, and most importantly there will be no more of the annoying stench due to the impurities and molds that form in the air duct of the car's air conditioning system. Finally healthy, clean and purified air to defend one's health.

Odorbact Out New Car Fragrance identifies odors wherever they are and permanently neutralizes them.

While traditional odor removers act only on the underside of the passenger compartment, Odorbact Out New Car Fragrance, working through the car's air conditioning system, thoroughly removes all the bad odors that accumulate in the passenger compartment, cleaning and purifying the car's air conditioning system in less than 10 minutes. In fact, a simple pressure of the valve on the canister is enough to get the product dispensed

Treating your car air conditioning system with Odorbact Out New Car Fragrance will ensure long-lasting cleanliness of the interior, so you can always be assured of living in a purified environment!

Odorbact Out New Car Fragrance has an olfactory note composed of:
- top notes of Lemongrass, Ozone Notes, Pink Grapefruit
- heart notes of Galbanum, Taif Rose, Violet
- base notes of Vanilla berries, Woody Notes, Tonka Bean

Odorbact Out New Car Fragrance is long-lasting and is quick and easy to use.

- The product does not exempt the passenger compartment filter from maintenance. The dirtier the passenger compartment filter, the less effective the product will be. We recommend cleaning the passenger compartment filter first and then applying the product following the correct way of use.

  • Shake the canister before use, open any compartments inside the passenger compartment (drawers, glove boxes, etc.), and then start the vehicle and turn on the air conditioning;
  • Make sure all windows are tightly closed and vents open, turn on the air recirculation and set the ventilation to maximum. Place the spray canister vertically on the passenger side floor mats, taking care that the spray jet does not hit the dashboard directly. Depress the canister valve fully until it is completely locked so that the product can be completely emptied. With the engine running, exit the passenger compartment and close the door;
  • Wait for the canister to empty completely and allow the product to work for 10 minutes. Finally, open the doors and allow the passenger compartment to air out before using the vehicle. The product acts with the same intensity whether hot or cold air is used;

- do not smoke during application
- make sure the cigarette lighter and other electrical devices are not plugged in



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