Ogni Volta

80% Dry Alcohol Spray Sanitizer
  • Broad-spectrum sanitizing spray;
  • Pack of 6 canisters;
  • Dermatologically tested product.

OGNI VOLTA by Mafra is a broad-spectrum sanitizing spray, ideal for all washable and nonwashable surfaces.

Sanitizing product complying with DGPRE Circular 0005443 dated 02/22/2020 of the Ministry of Health.

OGNI VOLTA is a sanitizing spray can available in 300ml size. Its purifying formula contains 80 percent plant-derived alcohol boosted with Chlorhexidine and Triamine, which has passed the stringent international VIRUCID ACTIVITY UNI EN 14476 and BACTERICIDE UNI EN 1276 tests carried out at independent external laboratories accredited to ISO 17025:2005

OGNI VOLTA Is a dermatoligically tested product.

OGNI VOLTA is an instant dry sanitizing spray product for purifying the car interior, large rooms such as homes and offices, all without the need to rinse treated surfaces.

Its powerful formula can sanitize and purify any object we touch every day, such as: steering wheel, keys, credit cards, money, smartphones, handles, muoses and keyboards, elevator buttons, boxes and packages, etc...

Its innovative 360° 2in1 valve allows two types of product dispensing:
- spray to sanitize objects.
- self-emptying to purify rooms.

- Purifies, cleanses, deodorizes.
- Non-wetting, non-greasy and does not require rinsing.
- Dermatologically tested
- Ideal for all washable and non-washable surfaces.
- Scents and neutralizes odors.
- Can be used on any surface to be purified and in any environment.
- Quickly eliminates biofilm and all organic and inorganic contamination.
- Ideal for making environments safe and healthy.
- In self-emptying valve mode, the canister of product can treat up to 40sqm.

Shake the can well before use. Do not spray on food. Do not use the product in excessive or improper quantities.
Direct the jet of product toward the surfaces to be treated (walls, fixtures, objects, etc.) keeping the can at a distance of 20 to 30 cm from the surface.
Treat evenly with circular movements without ever dwelling on the same spot.
Time for each individual dispensing: 5-6 seconds per object.

1 - For hard surfaces such as desks, PCs, keyboards, chairs, dustbins, shopping cart handrests, spray on surface and wipe off dirt with cloth. For hard and delicate surfaces such as lacquered furniture, spray on a microfiber cloth and wipe the surface. Do not dispense the product in a continuous stream at the same spot but ensure even dispensing with circular motions.

2 - For rooms, place the canister in the center of the room; depress the canister valve fully until it is completely locked so that the product is completely emptied; leave the room and wait until the canister is completely emptied; wait 15 minutes before airing and staying in the room.

Do not smoke during application.
For vehicles, make sure cigarette lighter and other electrical devices are not plugged in.
Store in a cool place, away from light and heat sources.
Do not disperse the container in the environment after use.
Dispose of unused product in accordance with national and local regulations.

PERICOLO: [wCod:H222-H229][wCod:H319][wCod:P102][wCod:P210][wCod:P211][wCod:251][wCod:P280][wCod:P305+P351+P338][wCod:P410+P412]



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