Pennello Lime 35mm

Brush files for treating car interior surfaces
  • Specific for the treatment of interior surfaces and for delicate surfaces;
  • It allows vigorous, safe and extremely precise movements;
  • Ergonomic, flexible and sturdy rubber handle;

Mafra's Lime Brush is the most wide-ranging solution for cleaning car interiors. Using the Lime Brush makes it possible to remove dirt from the most difficult spots in complete safety, even on sensitive or lacquered materials. Thanks to the ergonomic, flexible and sturdy rubber handle, it is possible to have a good grip during use and operate in complete safety during car cleaning.

The filaments that make up the brush, star-shaped section made of KREX® by Dupont® give it unique characteristics in the car detailing industry. The product features High Density Filaments (HDF) technology, with high bristle density, for more thorough and effective cleaning action when cleaning car interiors.

KREX® is an innovative filament that maintains high elasticity at the base and is especially soft at the head. This filament is extremely resistant to abrasion and has an elastic memory that allows it to always return to its original position ensuring longevity superior to natural fiber brushes.

Auto detailing brush bristles, unlike natural bristles, absorb very little water and do not swell, maintaining their excellent performance while resisting abrasion more. The bristles are also self-cleaning and oil-repellent, also ensuring greater durability. Due to their composition, the bristles, incorporate more of the product by force of adhesion and during processing gradually release it, creating turbulence that forms a compact foam ensuring a more lubricated and safe working on the surface.

Using the dry lime detailing brushes will make it possible to take advantage of the electrostatic capacity of the filament, a unique ability to capture dust gently even on lacquered or less sensitive surfaces.


To keep the car detailing brush always in excellent condition and increase its durability, we recommend:

Rinse the brush when finished and blot it with a clean, dry cloth to remove excess moisture;
Store the brush in a closed place with the bristles facing downward to prevent dirt and dust from accumulating on the bristles.


Before using the brush, rinse with running water.

The product is suitable for dusting.

Brush resistant to wear, abrasion and the most aggressive detailing products.



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